The reality of IT management

As an IT manager, it’s your job to keep all the plates spinning so that your IT environment is always in perfect condition and can continue to grow. Not only do you want to see your IT evolve and develop so that it’s future-fit and ready to support your business in the future, but your users and customers come to expect certainty, stability and continuity. Your systems need to be available 24/7, downtime isn’t an option. As such, your responsibilities are spread far and wide throughout the organisation.

Have your hands full with IT management?

  • Supporting your users and managing their devices
  • Managing your business applications and introducing new tools
  • Familiarising users with new IT opportunities and making them aware of cyber threats
  • Protecting your data, applications and users from cyber attacks
  • Developing appropriate rules for data, tools and applications
  • Maintaining and updating your IT systems
  • Playing a leading role in your digital strategy

You don’t have to go into battle alone

Thankfully, you needn’t be alone. Savaco is by your side with a wide range of Managed Services, where you choose what you prefer to do, what we should do together and what needs to be outsourced. Whether you opt for the public cloud, your own data centre or a managed private cloud, Savaco’s IT experts handle everyday management of your IT environment and keep everything in top condition. That way, you have more time for what really matters – helping your business to grow. We’re happy to help here too: we work with you to continue to optimise your IT tools and environment so that you can get the most out of it.



Get to know our Managed Services

Host and Provide

Cloud and hosting services tailored to your organisation

  • Cloud expertise and advice
  • Your cloud environment hosted in Savaco’s Atlas data centre
  • From on-premises infrastructure managed by Savaco to a co-managed public cloud

Care and Control

Tailored IT services

  • From Service Desk to proactive monitoring
  • Support for a carefree IT environment

Improve and Accelerate

Get more out of your IT investment

  • Discover new opportunities with existing IT tools
  • Refine and optimise software tools
  • Boost the added value of existing tools