Savaco is more than just an IT provider. We are your partner in digital transformation. With over three decades of expertise, we deliver tailored, high-quality IT solutions that let your business grow, innovate, and achieve its goals. Our experts use digital technology to create a significant and lasting effect on your business.

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Achieving results

G. Desmet chooses Dynamics

"With Savaco's CRM Kickstart program, 6 weeks was all it took to build a CRM package that we have set up ourselves and that is tailored to our needs."

Eén van de designs van G. Desmet
Agristo focuses on business continuity with powerful IT platform

"Based on our internal know-how and Savaco's expertise on one hand, and an extensive budget exercise on the other, we have opted for a, I daresay, state-of-the-art implementation of our datacenter."

Agristo ICT
Ardo chooses standardization and performance

"At the start of the project, we naturally surveyed the entire market. But Savaco went further than the other parties under consideration. They were able to draw from experience to solve this problem, but they also thought along with us."

Ardo getuigenis
Consulting services - Inspire & Guide

I'm looking for advice and inspiration for my digital strategy

Consulting Services - Design & Model

I need a partner who designs and co-creates the ideal solution for me

Managed Services - Care & Control

I'm looking for a partner who unburdens me of the daily care of my IT environment

Managed Services - Host & Provide

I'm looking for a partner to host my IT on any cloud, private and/or public

Managed Services - Improve & Accelerate

I want to make maximum use of my existing IT tools and further optimize them

End user services - user support

I'm looking for IT support and guidance for my users

Are you a small business?

Small businesses often have big ambitions. Savaco is happy to help you achieve your goals. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions with efficient IT support, you can fully focus on your business and your customers. We'll take care of your IT.

knowledge small
It's about

Sharing knowledge

Our proven training methods ensure that your IT tools are fully supported and used within your company. Because the full advantage of IT only comes when every user has the right know-how of the tools.

With our trainings, you can quickly increase your productivity.

Working at Savaco

Join our team

At Savaco you are welcomed into a warm, family-like environment where colleagues know each other and respect each other. Every Savaco colleague can count on personal attention as an employee and as a person. We outline a growth plan for you that enables you to push boundaries, without losing sight of your personal ambitions or work-life balance.

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